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How to choose the right machine for hepa air filter,pocket filter bag machine?

Time: 2019-05-17

1. first stop is hangzhou, wow, the factory looks good, a lot of machines under prepraing, factory is not big, but it is ok, workers there doing the job. Then customer ask first question:

1. we want to test this machine? I saw too many air filter machines, but mainly for car air filter making, not focus on the hepa filter making, we want to see the exact hepa air filter machine running condition.  But infact a lot of machine supplier in china did not have such machines.then customer feel very disappoint, that is not the way, he want he just want to see the machine running condition.

After this, i told to my customer and say, ok, i bring you to my factory to have a look of all the air filter making condition, then you will know all.

After another 2 hours driving, then we are in the factory already.

Wow, i see that customer feel very good, and check everything in detail. Our factory have the pleating machines,pocket filter machines, inspection machines and so son. He feel the right machine in front.

Then he told me, it is the right way for me to choose machine.

Then i list all the machine that he need, he asked me the PI and delivery time.

Then the trip over, customer happy and i am happy.

In a summer, for machine, the production factory is the right way for customer to choose, not bring to machine producer, mostly are wasting time:).

Thanks for your reading, welcome to our website:

There are many suppliers in china for the air filter making machine.

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