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How to choose hepa air filter with high temperature resistance?

Time: 2022-06-16

In recent years, the function of the air purifier has changed from the past to remove smoke, dust and sterilization and other selling points, to be able to remove formaldehyde, purify PM2.5, almost all brands are now claiming removal rates of more than 99%. However, recently there is news that many brands of high temperature resistant high efficiency filter false label serious, both formaldehyde removal rate or PM2.5 removal rate can not reach the level of labeling and claims.

Experts say that high temperature resistanthepa filters have a role in the purification of indoor air, but consumers in the purchase of high temperature resistanthepa filters can not simply listen to the so-called purification efficiency claimed by the business, the purchase should consider the size of the room, use should try to keep the doors and windows closed, after a long period of use should be phased ventilation.

So, how to correctly purchase the right hepa filter for yourself?

First of all, the first thing to ensure is the sensitive sensing of the environment. The built-in sensor of the air purifier needs to be able to accurately measure the indoor air quality, show it through the indicator light, and select the corresponding wind speed in the automatic mode to ensure the indoor air quality.

Secondly, the place where hepa filters with high temperature resistance are most needed is the new room. New rooms will leave behind toxic gases such as formaldehyde after renovation, and this is when you need to pick an air purifier with a composite high-efficiency formaldehyde filter.

Once again, the people who need healthy air the most are babies. Babies have much lower resistance than adults and are more susceptible to allergies or bacterial infections, so they need to pick ahepa filter with the tightest filtration system that is resistant to high temperatures.

Finally, for people who are always allergic when the weather is dry, in addition to high efficiency filters with high temperature resistance, humidifiers are always indispensable. Choose an air purifier with humidification function is also a good choice, through the humidification filter, can bring more clean and healthy moist air than ordinary humidifier, have a more comfortable home environment.

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