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How to choose dry filter?

Time: 2023-12-04

How to choose dry filter?

Choosing the right dry filter requires consideration of several factors:

1. Filtration efficiency: dry filters have different filtration efficiency levels, for example, according to European norms, you can choose filters from G1 to U17 levels, indicating from lower to higher filtration efficiency. According to the size of the particles and dust you need to filter, select the corresponding filtration efficiency level.

2. Filter size: Dry filters come in different sizes and shapes, and should be selected to suit your equipment or system size. Make sure the filter is a perfect match with your other equipment to ensure proper installation and operation.

Plate filter

3. Durability and maintenance cost: Considering the durability and maintenance cost of the filter is a key factor in the selection. Some filters are designed to be more durable and able to operate for long periods of time without frequent replacement or maintenance, which will reduce maintenance costs and working downtime.

4. Application requirements: According to your application environment and requirements, choose the appropriate dry filter. Different industries and applications may require different types of filters, such as electronics, chemicals, spraying, medical, hospitality, automotive, etc.

5. Refer to technical standards and recommendations: refer to relevant technical standards and recommendations, such as national and industry norms, to ensure that the selected filter meets the safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

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