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How to choose air filter?

Time: 2023-09-21

How to choose air filter?

With the arrival of summer, many small partners are very confused recently, how to choose an air filter, how to choose an air filter. So when we choose the air filter, how to choose which air filter, and can bring a good purification effect.

The air filter is a device that traps dust from the gas-solid two-phase flow through the action of porous filter materials and allows the gas to be purified. It sends the air with low dust content into the room after purification treatment to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the air cleanliness in the general air conditioning room. In order to obtain an air filter that can meet the standard, the general ventilation filter is to capture and adsorb dust particles of different sizes in the air to improve air quality. Activated carbon filters can absorb odor in addition to dust. Of course, the use of filters in general ventilation is more extensive, such as chemical electronics, spray painting printing, medical pharmaceuticals, hotel office buildings and so on.

How to choose air filter

If the air filter is correctly selected, to determine the parameters of the air filter, such as size (including width, height, depth), if it is a bag air filter, to confirm the number of bags and bag depth; To determine the filtration efficiency, such as the initial effect filter, medium effect filter, high efficiency filter. And then there's the initial resistance parameter. Finally, if the non-standard filter, then to provide the filter efficiency, intake air volume. Resistance and mounting dimensions, etc.

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