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How long does the HEPA filter last?

Time: 2022-07-29

For an operating cleanroom, the value of the end HEPA filter is not high, all together it may not add up to a few hours of production value for the user, but the risk and overhead costs of replacing the end HEPA filter can be high. When replacing filters, production has to be stopped, and the stoppage loss can only be calculated by the owner himself, and this loss is definitely higher than the cost of filter spare parts.

SFFILTECH reminds you that replacing high efficiency filters is a very careful operation, anything in the clean room can be expensive and the damage to one part can be higher than the cost of the entire filter. After replacing the filter, it has to be tested by professionals, and sometimes the air conditioning system has to be debugged and run for a trial period. The cost of testing, commissioning, and commissioning can add up to a price comparable to that of the filter. Smart homeowners always want to extend the service life of high efficiency filters as long as possible, not to save money, they want to avoid a bunch of trouble caused by filter replacement.

The most fundamental way to extend the life of ahigh efficiency filter is to keep dust out of the pre-filter. Replacing pre-filters generally requires no downtime and no commissioning, so experienced owners will spend their attention and money on pre-filters and protective grade intermediate filters. For class 10K and 100K clean plant, pre-filter selection G4, intermediate can choose F8 filter, so that the end of the high efficiency filter life is generally up to 5 years. In foreign projects and domestic new projects, F8 filter is the most common pre-filter for non-uniform flow clean room.

In some cases, the service life of thehigh efficiency filter is not specified due to the consideration of resistance, but other factors. If there is hydrofluoric acid in the plant, and the workshop air conditioning is not a full fresh air system, the glass fiber filter paper in thehigh efficiency filter will be corroded by the return air, and the high efficiency filter must be replaced regularly for safety. Some large pharmaceutical plants, every year after the rainy season to replace the high-efficiency filter, in order to prevent any possible mold contamination on the filter. Some biological laboratories and laboratories that deal with hazardous materials will require new HEPA filters for reliability before carrying out a new and important subject.

HEPA filter replacement intervals

SFFILTECHbelieves that primary filters should be replaced once every 2-3 months and medium efficiency filters once every 6 months, so that the life span of high efficiency filters can generally be more than 2 years.

In order to protect the use of high-level filters and to ensure the safe operation of the clean room, many owners replace the initial effect every month, and replace the medium effect and sub-efficient every 3 months, which can ensure the life of thehigh efficiency filtermore than 5 years, and because the resistance of the new filter after replacement is small, the air conditioning load is greatly reduced, and the cost of filter replacement is much smaller than the cost of electricity needed to run the air conditioning, frequent replacement of pre-filter actually is to make the air conditioner run under a low resistance load, saving a lot of electricity costs.

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