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How does the filter bag maintain the device and predetermined temperature during installation

Time: 2023-05-15

How does the filter bag maintain the device and predetermined temperature during installation

During installation, the filter bag should be effectively placed in the filter station for filtration. The inlet and outlet flanges or pipe teeth should be operated, the filter bag outlet should be fixed, or the exhaust valve should be equipped. According to the filtration method of filter bag, the filter element filter is divided into external filter and internal filter.

Filter materials include cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber, etc. Different fiber woven filter media have different properties. According to the air inlet and air outlet mode, it can be divided into: lower inlet and upper outlet, upper inlet and lower outlet, one pass type (only for plate bag). Filter bag gas cleaning: Gas cleaning is to reverse blow the filter bag with high pressure gas or the outside atmosphere to clean the ash on the filter bag.

In the operation process management, the filter bag can be effectively used as the internal network of the metal enterprise, gently put into the equipment, so that the collar of the company's internal network matches the mouth of the equipment. Place the filter bag so that the ring of the bag matches the neck of the wire mesh. Put the seal ring into the slot, the seal ring must not be deformed or deformed. Attach the press bag ring to the multi-bag filter.

When using the filter bag to manage the operating system, hold the handle of the upper cover with one hand and the other end of the upper cover with the other hand. After the top cover is aligned, tighten both caps diagonally at the same time, tightening all caps one by one (insert the short shaft into the positioning ring to tighten). Close the exhaust valve mounted on top of the filter bag structure.

It is necessary to effectively check the filter bag to see whether the connecting pipe is firm and whether the working pressure is within the allowable range during operation. Opening the inlet valve of the heat source means that the filter temperature reaches the specified temperature. When reaching a certain height, the filter bag needs to slowly open its input valve, let the liquid slowly flow into and fill the filter, to prevent the liquid from suddenly impacting the filter bag, resulting in rupture, and then observe whether there is leakage. If no leakage occurs, the filter can be activated.

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