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Hospital exhaust fan box, cabinet centrifugal fan box, medium effect exhaust fan

Time: 2022-11-10

Laboratory exhaust fan box, laboratory filtration fan box, laboratory purification fan box, suitable for negative pressure isolation wards, negative pressure isolation laboratories, makeshift hospitals,

The air distribution in PCR laboratory must be reasonable, and the air flow must flow from the clean area to the polluted area. The indoor air supply and exhaust outlets should be positioned so that the space where the air flow must be stagnant should be reduced to, and the indoor exhaust outlets should be set in the dangerous area and arranged in one side without obstacles. The protection air flow of the engineering air supply port and the biosafety cabinet should avoid mutual interference.

The pharmaceutical/hospital/laboratory field has high requirements for safety, precision, reliability, repeatability and durability of air handling and climate systems. In the pharmaceutical/hospital/laboratory field, safety is a top priority. Whether dealing with corrosive substances or natural or genetically modified biological materials that are toxic or harmful to the environment, effective control of intake and exhaust can be achieved using suitable air handling systems. In the pursuit of material purity but also the pursuit of economic benefits, which put forward a very high demand for the precision and reliability of the production process in this field. In addition, the air handling system used must ensure that it meets the requirements of thermodynamic conditions, air handling conditions and climatic conditions, so it must meet the corresponding accuracy requirements and reliability requirements.

Air handling and climate system is one of the important equipment used in the development and production of pharmaceutical process chain. From a quality management perspective, these systems have to meet the same high standards as the plants used for actual development and production. Therefore, the requirement of "performance in practice" lays the foundation for high reliability and repeatability, and this quality standard must also be applied to air handling systems. In addition to the actual workmanship, all equipment and systems need to have extremely high durability and intrinsic value in order to achieve the required level of economy and product quality. Chemical and pharmaceutical production areas in particular require the use of better materials, as well as special, suitable structures to provide detailed solutions.

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