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Food grade medium effect filter precautions and application scenarios must see!

Time: 2023-05-25

Food grade medium effect filter precautions and application scenarios must see!

The role of food grade filter is mainly used in central air conditioning and central air supply system. In addition, in order to protect the next level of the system filter and the system itself, in the air quality is not good in the place of filtration, and strive to purify our air quality, filter treatment of air purification to a certain extent, to achieve a certain effect, the specific use precautions and application scenarios for you:

Food grade medium filter

Notes on the use of food grade medium effect filter:

1. Regularly check whether there is debris blocking on the air inlet surface of the filter, and whether the surface of the filter material is damaged;

2. If there are items blocking the surface, it should be removed;

3, the filter material surface damage is serious, it must be replaced with a new filter material or a new filter to reinstall;

4. When installing the filter, it is necessary to ensure good sealing at the pressing place of the frame body to prevent air leakage;

5, do not use heavy objects to impact the surface of the filter, do not force to pull the filter surface;

6. When installing, the length direction of the filter bag mouth should be perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtering effect of air supply and increase the service life.

We have just explained the use of food grade intermediate filter considerations, next, let's talk about the scope of application, regional, pharmaceutical, electronic, medical and other industries filter system. It's a good medium filter right now. Speaking of which, our products are particularly well-used. I'm sure you'll know more about our products from what I've said.

Food grade medium filter

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people's health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter

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