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First effect filter cleaning and maintenance cycle instructions must not be missed

Time: 2023-11-16

First effect filter cleaning and maintenance cycle instructions must not be missed

The main function of the air filter is to effectively filter the air, so as to obtain a cleaner air filtration equipment. The air primary effect filter needs to be used in conjunction with other purification equipment in order to effectively meet the needs of different fields. Air filters can not only reduce the cost of enterprise equipment procurement, but also effectively improve production efficiency. How often should the primary filter be cleaned?

Primary filter cleaning

The efficiency of the general initial effect filter is between G1-G4, according to the data analysis of the air shower user, how long is the service life of the initial effect filter? If it is an average user, if you work eight hours a day, the primary filter should be maintained in 1- 3 months or so, that is, to clean the primary filter, the number of cleaning is generally about 3 times, and depends on the coarse filter you buy, if you choose the primary filter cleaning filter material is too weak, it may be cleaned once or twice to rot away, If the choice of washable material can be cleaned more times.

Good versatility is a major advantage of the first effect filter equipment, different consumers for the use of equipment occasions and use of the needs are different, the first effect can not only be used in industrial production, but also can be used in home central air conditioning. If the versatility is poor, then the consumer group will be less, and there are certain limitations in the use of customers, and the good versatility of the equipment, we can use it more fully, and bring efficient use to consumers. How to use the primary filter.

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