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F5 bag medium effect filter application and size

Time: 2023-08-23

F5 bag medium effect filter application and size

F5 bag medium effect filter application and size: F5 bag medium effect filter has three colors;

General application of F5 bag filter: pre-filter of high efficiency filter, intermediate filter of air conditioning system, air purification filtration of electronics, precision instruments, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, medicine, food and other industries.

F5 level bag filter is widely used in the air conditioning system of the intermediate filter, central air conditioning ventilation system, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and other industrial purification, F5 level bag filter can also be used as the front end of the high efficiency air filter filtration, to reduce the high efficiency air filter load, extend its service life. Places that do not require high cleanliness can also be directly sent to users after medium-effect filtering.

F5 bag Medium effect filter features:

1. F5 medium effect bag filter has compact structure, strong versatility and easy installation;

2. The medium effect filter has large dust capacity, large air volume and small resistance;

3, F5 level medium effect bag filter using ultrasonic fusion sealing edge, will not produce air leakage or rupture;

4, F5 efficiency bag filter bag with separator design, very reasonable, to ensure the smooth and uniform air flow, so as to improve the filtration efficiency

5, the use of non-woven filter material with special weaving method, to avoid the use of glass fiber materials may cause discomfort to the human body;

6, in line with the standard GB/314295-93 "air filter".

F5 bag medium effect filter size

F5 medium effect bag filter instructions:

The F bag filter, with its unique bag structure, ensures that the air flow is evenly filled throughout the bag. It prevents overcrowding or leakage between bags, which reduces drag and maximizes dust capacity f. The reinforced 'bag support grille' prevents the filter from shrinking or bending under extremely poor working conditions.

The F5 bag filter can be used as an ideal primary or medium effect filter for use in wet, high airflow and dust loaded rings. Since the introduction of bag filters, their applications in the pharmaceutical, automotive and food manufacturing industries, commercial buildings and various industrial and ventilation systems have successfully demonstrated that they set industry standards with their value and performance.

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