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Custom medium effect filter f9 use characteristics

Time: 2023-08-09

Custom medium effect filter f9 use characteristics

Custom filter f9 low price, light weight, compact structure, good versatility, suitable for central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system concerns, large hole filtration, especially in the filter device in front of the system, the specific product characteristics and replacement period, precautions air filter manufacturers for you to understand:

Custom medium effect filter f9

Custom filter f9 is mainly used as the final filter of the general air conditioning system and the pre-filter of the purification air conditioning system to filter the ≥1μm particle dust in the atmosphere, the filtration efficiency is ≥50%~99%@≥1μm (counting method) or the European standard F5-F9, the outer frame is: galvanized sheet, aluminum profile; Filter material: polypropylene fiber and glass fiber material.

Replacement period of custom medium effect filter f9:

1, under the conditions of rated air volume, the filter needs to be replaced in 3-4 months;

2, or when the resistance of the filter reaches more than 400pa, the filter must be replaced;

3, if the filter is used in a washable filter material, then replace the filter material, can be washed with water or a solution containing neutral detergent, cool dry, and then replaced; A maximum of two cleaning times is allowed, that is, a new filter must be replaced; If the dust concentration in the use environment is large, this service life cycle will also be reduced.

Precautions for the use of air filter in air conditioning: regularly check whether the filter inlet air surface is blocked by debris, and whether the filter material surface is damaged; If there are objects blocking the surface, it should be clear; If the surface of the filter material is seriously damaged, it is necessary to replace the new filter material or replace the new filter and reinstall it; When installing the filter, it is necessary to ensure that the seal is good at the holder of the frame to prevent air leakage; Do not use heavy objects to impact the filter surface, do not force to pull the filter material surface of the filter; When installing, the length direction of the filter bag mouth should be perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtration effect of the air supply and the service life of the cloth.

Custom medium effect filter f9

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