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Common sewage filter bag

Time: 2023-04-03

Usually, we refer to the filter bag that can be used for sewage treatment as the sewage filter bag. There are many materials that can be used, such as PP, PE, nylon, etc. The specific selection depends on the operating environment. In general, filter bags are often used as filtration consumables with sewage filtration equipment, and there are many types. Next, I will introduce some common ones.

1, nylon monofilament net bag

Nylon monofilament mesh bag made of high quality nylon monofilament mesh sewing, each silk thread is welded and fused to increase its strength,

To keep the thread from bending under pressure. The joint edge of the sewage filter bag is stretched and the steel ring at the mouth of the bag is strengthened. Based on the principle of surface filtration, nylon monofilament filter bag separates particles larger than its own net from filtrate. It can be used with the appropriate filtration device to effectively obtain the desired filtration effect.

2. Steel ring needled felt sewing filter bag

Steel ring needle felt sewing filter bag adopts special filter body filter material, filtrate filter surface is treated with special wool, effectively prevent fiber pollution filtrate, and avoid excessive filter hole clogging caused by traditional rolling treatment, shorten the service life of filter bag. The needled felt has uniform thickness, stable opening rate and sufficient strength to make the efficiency of the filter bag stable. The bag can be used for a longer period of time.

3, plastic ring all hot soluble welding filter bag

In addition to the above features, the bottom, side and ring of the sewage filter bag are welded by hot melt method. This kind of all-hot melt welding filter bag solves the problem of side leakage and fiber shedding caused by the uneven pinhole and material in the traditional sewing filter bag, and is suitable for the industry with high requirements

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