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Chinese classic high efficiency filter series

Time: 2023-01-17

Chinese classic 484 series

Forty years ago, the domestic high efficiency air filter appeared in China, its size is 484mm×484mm×220mm.

At that time, the installation module designed by the researcher was 500mm×500mm. Considering the need to reserve the position of the boom around, the section size of the filter was determined to be 484mm×484mm.

Another theory is that a British filter was surveyed at the time and its size was 484mm by 484mm

Early trade codes for the 484mm size filter were GS-01 and GB-01. Where, S stands for asbestos fiber, B for glass fiber, G for filter, 01 for frame length 484mm. The GB here has nothing to do with today's national standard.

China 630 Series

Another popular size for HEPA filters in China is 630mm×630mm×220mm. Similar to the background of the 484mm production, the researchers determined that the installation module was 650mm, minus the installation gap, resulting in 630mm. The 630mm is derived in 315mm, 945mm, and 1260mm.

Early trade codes for the 630mm filter were GS-03 and GB-03, where 03 represents 630mm of bezel length.

320mm unique to China

The early trade code of 320mm×320mm×260mm filter is GS-02 and GB-02. This specification used to coexist with 484mm and 630mm, but now it is very rare. Occasionally, the thickness of the filter is 220mm instead of 260mm.

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