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Characteristics of liquid tank type HEPA filter?

Time: 2022-11-01

The liquid tank glue used in the liquid tank HEPA filter is a kind of viscous, gel-like two-component molding liquid tank sealant. Chongqing Xinjiahe is specially used in the high efficiency air filter. Silica gel A, B components are liquid, A transparent glue, B blue glue, safety, environmental protection, high toughness, can be cured at room temperature can also be heated fast curing molding, is the use of air filter special potting glue material choice.

We can introduce the specifications and characteristics of liquid tank HEPA filter from the following aspects:

One of the characteristics of liquid tank high efficiency filter specifications: liquid tank sealant, high sealing, good leakage.

The color of the sealant is blue, like jelly, so it is also called jelly glue. This jelly glue is a non-Newtonian liquid, which has the characteristics of non-volatile, non-greasy, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good stability at room temperature.

Two, liquid tank high efficiency filter specifications and characteristics of the second: filter material and frame

The filter material is made of ultrafine glass fiber (HV LYDALL PTFE North Vietnam Chongqing and Nanjing Zhongmei) for selection, the filter material quality is reliable, stable performance. The outer frame is aluminum frame structure. Before leaving the factory, our company will test each top liquid tank HEPA filter, and only after passing the test can it leave the factory.

Three, liquid tank high efficiency filter specifications characteristics of the third: sealing method and installation difficulty degree

The liquid tank sealing method is superior to the mechanical pressing device sealing method commonly used in China. The liquid tank sealing filter is easy to install, and the sealing is very reliable. It is the widely used sealing method of high efficiency filter in the world

Main applications of liquid tank HEPA filter

1. It is widely used in clean rooms with high requirements, large areas of vertical laminar flow, hundred level laminar flow hood, biological safety cabinet, biotechnology, laboratory, asepsis room, pharmaceutical factory, research institute and other high clean requirements of dust-free room.

2. Side liquid tank HEPA filter is widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, film and optical fiber equipment, PCB printing and other industries of dust-free purification workshop air conditioning end supply.

3. Air filter products are widely used in electronic technology, medicine and health, biological products, food and beverage, mechanical and electrical engineering equipment, instrumentation, metallurgy and chemical industry, painting, air conditioning, printing, environmental protection industry, etc

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