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Characteristics of high efficiency filters, precautions for installing high efficiency filters

Time: 2022-06-07

The high-efficiency filter is mainly used to collect particulate dust above 0.5um and various suspended solids, and is mainly used as the end filter of various filtration systems. The high-efficiency filter generally uses ultra-fine glass fiber paper as the filter material, and is made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, and aluminum alloy profile as the outer frame. High-efficiency filters have many advantages such as high filtration efficiency and low resistance.

High-efficiency filters are widely used in aquaculture circulating water treatment, cooling circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment; nutrient-rich water treatment in rivers, lakes, household waterscapes, etc.; reclaimed water reuse: precision electronic instrument factories and other fields. The reason why the high efficiency filter is so popular is very much related to its many advantages:

1. High filtration accuracy: the removal rate of suspended solids in water can reach more than 95%, and it has a certain removal effect on macromolecular organic matter, viruses, bacteria, colloids, iron and other impurities:

2. Fast filtration speed: generally 40m/h, up to 60m/h, which is more than 3 times that of ordinary sand filters; 3. Large dirt holding capacity: high-efficiency filters are more than 4 times that of ordinary sand filters;

4. Low water consumption rate for backwashing: the water consumption for backwashing is less than 1-2% of the periodic water filtration;

5. Low dosing amount and low operating cost: the increase in the periodic water production, the operating cost per ton of water is also reduced; 6. Small footprint: the same water volume is produced, and the footprint is 1/3 of that of an ordinary sand filter the following

7. Strong adjustability: parameters such as filtration accuracy, interception capacity, and filtration resistance can be adjusted as needed; 8. The filter material is durable and has a lifespan of more than 20 years.

High-efficiency filters are the key to purifying air conditioning systems and clean room construction and installation. The following points should be paid attention to during installation:

1. Cleaning before installation: Before installing the high-efficiency filter, the installation environment needs to be cleaned, so as to ensure that the filtration performance is not affected.

2. The system should be cleaned by air blowing: the filter system needs to be effectively cleaned before installing the high-efficiency filter.

3. The purification workshop should be thoroughly cleaned again. If a vacuum cleaner is used for vacuuming, ordinary vacuum cleaners must not be used, but vacuum cleaners equipped with ultra-clean filter bags must be used.

4. If it is installed in the ceiling, the ceiling should be cleaned.

5. Then clean the clean workshop again after the trial operation of the system for 12 hours before installing the high-efficiency filter.

Only by living in an environment with clean air can we live a healthier life. The use of high-efficiency filters can effectively alleviate air pollution. High-efficiency filters can filter impurities and dust contained in the air and other substances that are seriously harmful to the human body. It can be seen that high-efficiency filters are an indispensable part of production and life.


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