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Bag filter The filter bag consists of several layers

Time: 2023-04-21

Bag filter The filter bag consists of several layers

Bag filter How many layers does the bag consist of? Bag filter material adopts multiple materials, the use of imported automatic dissolving machine, hot dissolving, improved the production process of the old filter bag in the past, change the old filter bag bag without shunt screen condition, filter bag more uniform air supply, less resistance, higher efficiency. The installation of bag filter is faster, and the filter made is smooth, beautiful and practical.

Bag filter bag adopts unique hot melt technology, the three layers of filter material uniform hot melt bonding, the first layer of coarse fiber filter cotton to catch the larger dust in the air, the finer fiber filter paper to catch the smaller dust in the air, the outer layer for the strengthening protective layer, reasonable three-layer design makes the product has excellent performance, solid hot melt technology to avoid the leakage of wind pressure, The screen avoids the fitting between the bag and the bag, further refining the air supply area, effectively reducing the operation resistance, but also make the dust is evenly captured in the filter bag, high dust capacity, but also prolong the service life of the bag filter.

Each filter bag of the three-ladder bag filter is fixed in the U-frame by a single support grille. The support grille of the bag is mechanically fixed together with the adjacent grille to ensure the structure is strong and prevent damage during transportation or use. The support is closely combined with the grille, which not only prevents the leakage between the filter bags, but also ensures the stability of the structure and reliable performance.

Bag filter size expression method: width * height * depth * bag number * thickness,

Width W: the edge of the bag is the width, parallel to the horizontal direction,

High H: vertical direction

Depth L: the length of the bag

Bag number P: The number of filter bags installed on a filter

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