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Bag filter in effect how to choose bag filter?

Time: 2023-04-20

Bag filter in effect how to choose bag filter?

Three ladder medium effect bag filter, using non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber as filter material, this unique synthesis technology, can be in a specific area per square meter, synthetic high content of fiber, so that the filter in wet, high air volume and dust load more performance. Three ladder medium effect bag filter, unique bag design, stable filtration efficiency, environmental protection can be incinerated, and bag filter corrosion resistance, microorganism is not easy to breed, well received by many customers.

Three step medium effect bag filter

Medium effect bag filter is mainly used in central air conditioning and central air supply system, can be used for the front filter of high efficiency filter, as well as the intermediate filter in the air conditioning system, the protection system in the next level of filter and the system itself, in the place of air purification cleanliness requirements are not strict, the air can be directly sent to the user after the medium effect filter treatment.

Three step bag filter

Medium effect bag filter has large filtering area, large dust capacity, small resistance and large ventilation capacity; And each filter bag is fixed in the U-shaped frame by a single supporting grille, the supporting grille of the bag and the adjacent grille are mechanically fixed together to ensure the structure is strong and prevent damage during transportation and use. The support is closely combined with the grille, which not only prevents leakage between bags, but also ensures structural stability and reliable performance. Medium effect bag filter, widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food and other industries filter system.

Three ladder bag filter filter efficiency G4, F5-F9 optional. Three ladder bag filter supports non-standard customization, and provides disassembly, installation and other services.

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