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Air filter tips

Time: 2023-01-12

Medium efficiency airfilter (airfilter) refers to the installation of airfilter, commonly used in cleaning workshops, cleaning workshops, test rooms and cleaning operating rooms.

Medium effect air filter can be divided into primary effect filter, medium effect filter, high efficiency filter and sub-high efficiency model according to its mission principle.

■ Suitable for normal temperature, normal humidity, allow containing trace acid, alkali organic solvent air filtration, the product has high efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceutical, biological engineering and other fields.

According to the needs of users to build 0.3 ~ 0.1μm capture efficiency ≥99.999% of the ultra-high efficiency filter; A variety of non-standard filters and sub-high efficiency filters (95%≤ efficiency ≤99.90%).

V-type tight-pleated filter

It has the characteristics of large filtration area, low resistance and long service life. It can be used as the pre-filter of high efficiency filter, so as to prolong the service life of high efficiency filter.

Air filter reducing valve dc, dz type coarse medium effect bag filter

Adopt the primary and middle effect non-woven fabric as filter material, cold plate spray as a frame, as a secondary filtration, the product has the advantages of large dust capacity, small resistance and can be cleaned, according to the use of the situation and material differences, the filter efficiency level is divided into f5, f6, f7, f8.

How to filter air through medium effect air filter:

Ordinary air purification is equipped with medium-effect filtered air, which can be divided into the following ways and steps.

1, multiple filter ———— to prevent dust and bacteria in the air into the room

Multi-light activated carbon filter is useful to intercept dust germs, filter the air, and ensure that the air into the room is clean.

2, titanium oxide disinfection ———— degradation of indoor air formaldehyde, benzene and other organic gas purification

Nanoscale titanium dioxide is activated by ultraviolet light to filter the air and purify the organic gas such as formaldehyde and benzene in the air.

3, negative ion oxygenation ———— increase the oxygen in the indoor air to the right amount and keep the content stable

Negative ion generator to indoor air oxygenation, to ensure that the air into the home to maintain sufficient oxygen, full of angry desire, strengthen the filter air >

4, ptc ceramic heating ———— heating indoor air to a comfortable temperature

ptc ceramic heating sheet can preheat the fresh air entering the room in summer, increase the indoor temperature properly, so as to filter the air and make the home mild and comfortable.

5 ultraviolet sterilization ———— strong killing of prevalent virus bacteria in the air

Purple internal light source can effectively kill the prevalent viruses and bacteria in the air, so that people can separate from the purification source, filter the air, and protect the health of the whole family.

Filter is an indispensable installation on the transmission medium pipeline, usually installed in the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed level valve or other equipped outlet end, used to eliminate impurities in the media, to protect the ordinary use of the valve and equipped. When the fluid enters the filter cylinder with a defined size screen, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged through the filter outlet. When the need for cleaning, just remove the detachable filter cylinder and reload it from the previous

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