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Air filter series

Time: 2022-12-21

Air Filter refers to the air filter device, generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories and clean operating rooms.

GK series high efficiency filter is divided into partition high efficiency filter and no partition high efficiency filter, partition high efficiency filter including GK (with partition high efficiency filter), GKW (high temperature resistant high efficiency filter), GKA (high humidity resistant high efficiency filter); Dividerless HEPA filters include GKYW (modular HEPA filter), GKYS (dividerless HEPA filter), GKYC (liquid tank dividerless HEPA filter), GKYL (ultra-low resistance dividerless HEPA filter), GKYD (knife frame type dividerless HEPA filter), and GKUL (0.1um ultra-high efficiency filter).

But in order to protect the use of high-grade filters and ensure the safe operation of clean rooms, many smart owners replace the primary effect every month, replace the middle effect and sub-high efficiency every 3 months (or the end of the cabinet in the previous selection of high efficiency protection filter), which can ensure the high efficiency filter of 5 years (or even 10 years) more than the service life, and because the replacement of the new filter resistance is small, The load of air conditioning is greatly reduced, and the cost of filter replacement is far less than the electricity cost required for the operation of air conditioning. Frequent replacement of the front stage pre-filter actually makes the air conditioning run under low resistance load, saving a lot of electricity cost

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