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Air filter manufacturer's process standards for creating air purification rings?

Time: 2023-02-15

Air filter is the main equipment of air purification technology, the process standard of air filter manufacturers is very important to create air purification environment.

According to the filtration efficiency of the filter, it can be generally divided into primary effect, medium effect, secondary effect, secondary effect and air filter. The classification method based on filtering efficiency is a common and commonly used method, which is briefly introduced as follows:

Primary filter: Mainly used for pre-filtration, large particles, mainly suspended particles, sediment particles higher than sp.m and higher than 10 microns and various foreign bodies should be retained to prevent their entry into the system, so the efficiency of coarse filter equipment is based on the 5 micron filter.

Medium filter: Because it has a pre-filter in front, so mainly used as a filter and general air conditioning system filter pre-filter. It is mainly used to intercept suspensions of 1-10 microns. For particles, the efficiency is based on 1 micron filtration.

Submechanical filter: Can be used as the end filter of general purification system. It also improves the purification of the system and protects the filter better. As an intermediate filter, it is mainly used to intercept 1-5 microns. The efficiency of the suspended particles is also filtered.

Auxiliary filter: can be used as a clean room end filter to achieve a clean level of air cleanliness. It can also be used as a pre-filter for filters to further ensure the cleanliness of the air supply. It can also be used as a fresh air filter. Improve the quality of fresh air. Thus, like filters, it is primarily used to capture submicron particles below 1 micron, with efficiency based on 0.5 micron filtration.

Filter: It is an important filter in the clean room, designed to achieve 0.5 micron cleanliness, but its efficiency is based on 0.3 micron filtration. Further subdivided, in order to achieve a 0.1 micron cleanliness, the efficiency is based on a 0.1 micron filter, which we call a filter.

Air filters have made great efforts to promote the booming development of food cleaning and sterilization industry. There are many sterilization methods, and the corresponding sterilization equipment is also many. However, with the requirements of production and the improvement of people's living standards, food safety and nutritional requirements are also increasing.

In order to reduce environmental pollution in the food shop, air filters are installed in the shop and sterilized. However, many small and medium-sized food companies operate on thin margins and have limited funds to use expensive disinfection equipment. It is understood that many small and medium-sized food processing companies are unable to set up standard cleaner production workshops. A traditional standard cleaning shop is equipped with a medium, efficient filtration and purification ventilation system with a central air conditioning system. Even in the case of transformation, future maintenance costs are a heavy burden for companies with thin margin

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