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Air conditioning filter cleaning error?

Time: 2022-12-20

As we all know, air conditioning filter cleaning has far-reaching significance for air conditioning. If the air conditioning filter cleaning method is improper, it will not only affect the effect of its use, but also lead to indoor bacteria breeding thereby affecting the health of the body.

However, recently, SFFILTECH found that many enterprises in the cleaning of air conditioning filters there are still a lot of misunderstandings, and these misunderstandings will seriously affect people's health.

So, next, SFFILTECH will take a look at the air conditioning filter cleaning errors, the enterprises can see if you do not exist the following three air conditioning filter cleaning errors, if there is, quickly correct it!

Air conditioning filter cleaning mistake one: cleaning and disinfection parallel

Under normal circumstances, only need and air conditioning filter and heat sink cleaning can be. Because general disinfectants have certain corrosive and irritating, frequent use or improper use may cause certain effects on the human body; In addition, the disinfection of air conditioning filter should be carried out after cleaning, so as to improve the disinfection effect.

Air conditioning filter cleaning error two: bare hand disinfection no problem

Air conditioning filter cleaning agent generally has a certain irritation and corrosion, if in the cleaning time, not in time to prepare protective measures and directly spray, accidentally suction nose or direct contact with the skin, it may lead to physical discomfort. Therefore, in the use of air conditioning filter cleaning agent generally need to wear gloves or masks.

Air conditioning filter cleaning mistake three: air conditioning filter cleaning agent to buy

In the purchase of air conditioning filter cleaning disinfectant, first of all, we should try to choose less corrosive, irritating cleaning agent. For one thing, when cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning filter, people and cleaning agent will be in close contact, even if wearing a good mask and gloves, respiratory tract and skin will inevitably encounter a small amount of cleaning agent; Two, some of the air conditioning inside the metal parts are not corrosion resistant, in order to avoid damage to the air conditioning, to ensure that the cleaning and disinfection can be used normally, so, when buying, we should pay special attention to the corrosion and irritation of air conditioning filter cleaning agent.

Regular cleaning of air conditioning filter, not only can reduce the power consumption of air conditioning, but also can extend the service life of air conditioning filter, and not according to the standard cleaning of air conditioning filter than clean air conditioning filter power consumption to increase by 30%.

Therefore, the enterprise should be rigorous above air conditioning filter cleaning three misunderstandings, correct and reasonable cleaning air conditioning filter, pay attention to air conditioning filter cleaning and disinfection, do not let it become their own health risks.

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