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Advantages and disadvantages of activated carbon air filters?

Time: 2022-06-08

As the main material for indoor formaldehyde removal, activated carbon air filter has always been the object of much concern and love. It can deodorize, deodorize, and absorb harmful gases. There are many benefits, but there are also many disadvantages.

        After we renovate the house, we usually buy a few packs of activated carbon, because among the formaldehyde removal methods, activated carbon is the cheapest, and the effect is much better than the soil removal method, which is why everyone uses activated carbon all the time. , so how long can activated carbon be kept in the house before it fails?

1. Activated carbon is related to air humidity;

        Activated carbon is divided into three steps in the process of using oxidation. When drying, activated carbon is the most effective method for removing formaldehyde. During the production process of activated carbon, it has also experienced a high temperature of 800-90 degrees. The activated carbon is oxidized as soon as possible, so if the humidity in the air is serious, the power of the activated carbon will not be exerted, and the service life will not be too long. Not long ago, Dongguan Hongyuan also introduced the application of activated carbon for air purifiers. Anyone who is interested can take a look.

2. Activated carbon is related to the level of formaldehyde, stupid and other pollution sources in the air;

        Everyone knows that there are many careful holes in activated carbon. This function is also to absorb some harmful substances, and activated carbon itself also has density points. If there are too many pollution sources in the air or the content of formaldehyde and stupidity is high, then pollution The substance will make the activated carbon home completely ineffective!

        The above two reasons are the ones that affect activated carbon the most, and one more thing, not after giving up indoors for a period of time. Activated carbon can not be used, you can put the activated carbon after use in the sun, so that the activated carbon can be reused. Therefore, it is uncertain how long the activated carbon can be used for!

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