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Activated carbon bag filter introduction.

Time: 2022-06-17

Activated carbon bag filter is one of the activated carbon filters, activated carbon filter bag has very good performance as well as advanced design principle, the performance of activated carbon bag filter is roughly as follows.

1, activated carbon bag filter:the filter bag is made of highly efficient adsorption of activated carbon and fiber filter cotton composite, with strong surface adsorption capacity, effective control of odor and organic pollution in the air, strong adsorption capacity and low resistance.

2、Materials of outer frame: aluminum alloy outer frame, galvanized outer frame, etc., can be customized according to the different requirements of customers.

Features of activated carbon bag filter.

Activated carbon filter bagis made of highly efficient adsorption of activated carbon fiber and filter cotton composite, using highly efficient adsorption performance of activated carbon fiber filter cotton as the filter material, a wide range of surface adsorption performance, adjustable filter area. It can effectively control the odor and organic pollution in the air and play a greater role in adsorption, and solve the air filtration in general air conditioning and ventilation places.

Use of activated carbon bag filter:

Activated carbon filter bag is suitable for various air conditioning and ventilation systems, and has a good effect in the central treatment of odor and air pollution in the air conditioning and ventilation system, and can effectively clean the air.

Activated carbon bag filter is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, industrial and other industries.Activated carbon bag filter is used in air filtration system for odor gas filtration and coarse dust filtration, such as airports, high-end hotels, large shopping malls, museums, libraries and other air supply systems.

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