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high efficient HEPA air filters

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high efficient HEPA filters

The Triple Filter Air Purifier Filter Replacement Set comes with an Activated Carbon, Combination, and Pre Filter, making it a great spare or replacement choice for your compatible air purifier’s filter. Key Features The Triple Filter Air Purifier Filter Replacement Set’s included Pre Filter, helps capture particles, hair, dust, and even small insects to keep the air in your home clean. For a fresh environment in your home, this triple filter set’s Activated Carbon Filter helps eliminate odors, harmful gases, or heavy metals in the air. With an HEPA H12,H13, H14 Filter, this air purifier filter replacement set helps reduce pollen, bacteria, or viruses in the air. Reliable and long-lasting, this Filter replacement set can last for up to 4,320 hours of use.

Products Advantage

High efficiency foldaway filter. Frame: aluminum or galvanized frame

Separation material: hot melt. Media: fiber glass filter paper

Final resistance: (suggested) 600Pa. Max. air flow: 125% of the rated air flow

Temp. resistance: 80°C. Humidity:≤80%RH

Products Application

V1 HEAP air filter applied to the FFU, cleaning equipment, blow of the clean room. And also be widely used in the electronic, semiconductor, hospital and food industry.