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SS 304/316L Stainless Steel Single Multi Cartridge Filter Housing Sewage purification apparatus

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SS 304/316L Stainless Steel Single Cartridge Filter Housing for wine oil water treatment unit 10 20 30 40 inch slim/jumbo

Stainless Steel Filter Housing made of SUS316L or SUS304, and take filter cartridge as its element. The stainless steel filter housing can be used for filtration of liquid, gas and 0.1um above particles and bacteria, with high removal rating and flow rate. It possess properties of lower absorption, no medium shedding, no leakage, acid and alkali Resistance, and corrosion resistance. In addition, it is easy to wash and function as back flush, and is ideal filtration equipment for the industry of biology and pharmacy, beer and beverage, textile, power plant, chemical, and water treatment etc. 

Different stainless steel multi-cartridges filter housing are customized, as long as you offer us picture and drawing.


Product name:
Stainless Steel cartridge filter housing
SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Cartridge core
single or multi-cartridge
Cartridge length
2.5'', 5'', 10, 20 ,30 ,40, 50'' or OEM
Cartridge Quantity
1 ~ 160 pcs for option
Surface treatment
Polished or sandblast external
Cartridge end cap
Suitable filter cartridges
PP melt blown, Pleated filter, CTO activated carbon, Stainless steel mesh/pleated filter cartridges.
Top Cap installed type
lifting bolts, flange, tri clamp
inlet/outlet connection
clamp, thread, flange, pogoda
Seal O-ring
silicon,NBR, EPDM, Viton, PTFE
Liquid, gas filtration
Max working pressure
100, 150Psi, OEM
Wall thickness


1. Industrial water treatment

2. Food & Beverage: bottled water, beers, wines, flavors, polishing, clarification

3. Chemicals & Petrochemicals: Solvents, solutions, chemical filtration, acids, bases

4. Health Care & Pharmaceuticals: Membrane filtration, ophthalmic, oral medicines, serum

5. Industrial processes: clean water, removal of carbon

6. Paints & Coatings: paints, coatings

7. Electronics: High purity water, photo resists

8. Cosmetics: Alcohols, creams, lotions, essential oils, mouthwashes

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