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Water filtration and purification units and replacement cartridges and filters therefor

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BGE Series Pleated Filter Cartridge

BGE Series are all-polypropylene filter cartridges with an economically efficient design which is suitable for a wide range of process  applications .The pleated polypropylene filter material provides a large filtration surface area which allows for maximized flow rate in the system. Available in nominal retention ratings from 0.1 to 50 micron.



General purpose: reverse osmosis system pre-filtration, security filtration, purification treatment of various process water

●General industry: various process fluids, process water, condensate water, cooling water, wastewater treatment, etc.

●Microelectronics industry: deionized water pre-filtration

●Food and beverage industry: process water, etc.

●Chemical/Petrochemical Industry: Various acids, alkalis, solvents, quench water, brine, etc. and various other chemical agents

●Power plant: make-up water, condensate water, stator cooling water, etc.

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