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HEPA Filtered Vertical Commercial Premium Hand wash dryer Machine

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1.   Product Overview

The fully automatic hand wash dryer is widely used in

various industrial sectors such as electronics, defense,

precision instruments, pharmaceuticals, chemicals,

agriculture, and biology, as well as in various scientific

laboratories.   The fully automatic handwashing machine is a

versatile device.   After handwashing with automatically

supplied water, the machine uses filtered, temperaturecontrolled high-speed airflow to dry the hands, preventing

operators from contaminating cleanroom garments or

introducing contamination into the cleanroom.   It can quickly

achieve the purpose of handwashing and drying in a clean

and sterile environment.   It is usually installed at the

entrance of cleanrooms or can be set up in biological

laboratories, effectively cleaning and drying hands, reducing

the risk of contamination, and improving product quality and


2.  Technical Specifications

Power Supply:AC220V 1φ50HZ


Heating Function:Yes

Main Structure:

Stainless steel or Steel plate with paint coating Interior:SUS 304

Air Blow:

CLASS 100(ISO CLASS 5) Primary Filtration:5um

Dust Collection Efficiency:0.3μm particles 99.99% above

Dust Collection Elements:HEPA filter Non-woven fabric filter

Operation Switch:PLC Programmable Controller Module

Air Blow Velocity:A round 100(50HZ)m/sec

Water Supply: Photoelectric Induction Automatic Water Supply

Water Supply Pressure:2kgf/cm2~5kgf/cm2 Quantity:5~7L/min

External size:580(w)*580(d)*1760(h)mm

Noise Level:65DB(around HAND DRYER 1 m)

The company has two advanced imported AMADA CNC punching machines, five CNC bending machines, and five shearing machines. In addition, there are several conventional punching and bending machines, as well as two high-power integrated laser machines for tube and plate processing. To ensure product precision and efficiency, the company has invested millions in various forming molds.

The purification equipment used in production includes FFUs (Fan Filter Units), air showers, cargo air showers, clean workbenches, clean cabinets, cleanrooms, pass boxes, high-efficiency air supply outlets, hand washing and drying machines, steel doors, insulated windows, medium and high-efficiency filters, negative pressure weighing rooms, laminar flow pass boxes, liquid tank-type high-efficiency air supply outlets, GMP pass boxes, biological safety cabinets, sampling carts, clean screens, laminar flow beds, purification and disinfection machines, air purifiers, stainless steel product manufacturing, and more.

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