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Manufacturer Honeycomb Activated Carbon Flat Panel G3 Air Filter Pre Replacement Filter

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TypeActivated carbon panel filter
Frame materialGalvanized steel,aluminium,stainless steel
Filter mediaActivated carbon particles
filtration gradePre filter
EN 779 ClassG2 to G4
Filter MERVMERV2-9
Final pressure drop800pa

Product Description

What is Activated Carbon Filter

An activated carbon filter is also known as a charcoal filter and it is typically a bed or a sheet of activated carbon generally present in granular or powdered block form and it has millions of tiny absorbent porous. This air filter is very efficient and popular because it fights against chemicals, gases and volatile organic compounds because it is extremely porous. However, this carbon activated filtration system cannot remove or eliminate the dust or virus particles from the year, unlike a true HEPA filter.

The original activated carbon filter is also known as a high-efficiency gas absorption filter or HEGA. This filtration system was first used by the British army for chemical warfare. Under this filtration system, gas molecules are removed through a process of adsorption. During this process of adsorption, the pollutants are struck to the outside of the activated carbon filter.

In many air purifiers, the activated carbon filter is usually used in alignment with the HEPA filter so that together they can remove tiny particles such as dust, mould, spores, pet dander, pollen and lent along with the gas molecules. Many high standards activated carbon filter process potassium iodide or potassium permanganate that remove the chemicals, smoke and formaldehyde even better.

Pros and cons of activated carbon filter


The activated carbon air filter can remove gaseous pollutants such as smoke, cooking, odour, chemicals, gases, paints and cleaning supplies.

It can be reused at least two to three times.


To make activated carbon filters work efficiently it needs to be combined with other air filters such as true HEPA filters.

Also, it needs to be changed frequently after using it a maximum of 3-4 times.